Personal Loan: Documents to Apply for Funding

Documents to obtain a loan

The request for a personal loan presupposes the simultaneous presentation of a specific documentation. Let’s find out what it is.

The documents to obtain a personal loan can change according to the type of product desired. They also change on the basis of the particular eligibility parameters adopted by the specific credit institution or financial institution to which it is addressed. However, there are some essential documents required by all banks and financial institutions that we can analyze together.

Necessary documents

Documents to obtain a loan

When requesting a loan, in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, it is essential to present your personal documents. That is the tax code and the valid identity card (or driving license). Additional documents to obtain a loan are the income certificates: the employees have the obligation to present to the financial institution the last paycheck and possibly the CUD, the autonomous the tax return, while the pensioners their own slip.

All those interested in obtaining a loan must also present a copy of any other existing loans. The customer must then proceed with the signing of the privacy notice given to him by the funding body. Finally it must deliver copies of the latest bills, regularly paid, of electricity, gas and telephone utilities.

Documents necessary for the transfer of the fifth

Let us now consider the documents in order to be able to obtain a loan with a salary-backed loan, a particular type of loan intended for employees with regular permanent contracts and retirees which provides for the withholding of a share equal to one fifth of the total monthly income, or a proxy loan.

In these two cases, applicants must present their personal documents (identity card or driving license and tax code); income certificates (pay slips and CUD in the case of employees, the slip, the CUD and the Obis M in the case of pensioners); the Declaration of the transferable quota and the Certificate of salary on the model delivered by the funding body, from which the data concerning the recruitment (seniority, monthly pay amount, severance pay,…) can be observed; and, finally, the approval issued by the employer.

Finally, the documents to be granted a finalized loan, relative to the acquisition of a good or a service, are the following: identity document, fiscal code and a document that certifies the income received; in addition, the customer must submit a desired cost estimate to the financial institution.

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