Personal Loan: Documents to Apply for Funding

Documents to obtain a loan

The request for a personal loan presupposes the simultaneous presentation of a specific documentation. Let’s find out what it is.

The documents to obtain a personal loan can change according to the type of product desired. They also change on the basis of the particular eligibility parameters adopted by the specific credit institution or financial institution to which it is addressed. However, there are some essential documents required by all banks and financial institutions that we can analyze together.

Necessary documents

Documents to obtain a loan

When requesting a loan, in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, it is essential to present your personal documents. That is the tax code and the valid identity card (or driving license). Additional documents to obtain a loan are the income certificates: the employees have the obligation to present to the financial institution the last paycheck and possibly the CUD, the autonomous the tax return, while the pensioners their own slip.

All those interested in obtaining a loan must also present a copy of any other existing loans. The customer must then proceed with the signing of the privacy notice given to him by the funding body. Finally it must deliver copies of the latest bills, regularly paid, of electricity, gas and telephone utilities.

Documents necessary for the transfer of the fifth

Let us now consider the documents in order to be able to obtain a loan with a salary-backed loan, a particular type of loan intended for employees with regular permanent contracts and retirees which provides for the withholding of a share equal to one fifth of the total monthly income, or a proxy loan.

In these two cases, applicants must present their personal documents (identity card or driving license and tax code); income certificates (pay slips and CUD in the case of employees, the slip, the CUD and the Obis M in the case of pensioners); the Declaration of the transferable quota and the Certificate of salary on the model delivered by the funding body, from which the data concerning the recruitment (seniority, monthly pay amount, severance pay,…) can be observed; and, finally, the approval issued by the employer.

Finally, the documents to be granted a finalized loan, relative to the acquisition of a good or a service, are the following: identity document, fiscal code and a document that certifies the income received; in addition, the customer must submit a desired cost estimate to the financial institution.

5 things to know about payday loan

The payday loan is a flexible loan, because it is a loan that allows you to use the sums required to realize your dreams and projects, with a wide possibility to customize payment and duration.

To find out if the payday loan is the type of financing you are looking for, here are 5 things to know before going to the bank or to the financial intermediary to request it.

  1. Age: not under 18, not above 70

The payday loan applicant must be between 18 and 70 years of age at the time the loan application is made.

  1. If to request it is a foreigner

The foreigner must be resident in Italy for at least one year and must be able to produce a valid residence permit.

  1. The sum immediately at your disposal

The most obvious characteristics that distinguish the payday loan from a loan aimed at:

  • The usage constraint – The sum of a finalized loan is not available to the applicant for uses other than those for which it was requested. In the payday loan there is no such constraint, nor the obligation to declare the use of the sum requested.
  • Payment – In the payday loan the sum disbursed by the bank is immediately put at the customer’s disposal. In the finalized loan the sum is paid directly to the retailer whose goods or services are financed.
  1. The limits of payday loans: how much can you ask? How long can it last?

The amount of the payday loan can amount to a minimum of € 2,000 and reach up to € 60,000. The repayment term can range from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 120 months.

  1. Payday loan without guarantees: is it possible?

    payday loan without guarantees: is it possible?

The granting of a payday loan is subject to the demonstration of the ability to repay, through the presentation of a certificate of income (salary, pension or income tax return). If this is not possible, the loan can be assessed on the basis of the presentation of the personal guarantee of a third party who must undertake to repay the debt in case of default of the applicant.

How fast money lenders hunt among the poor – Payday loan

Payday credits may seem like a good idea when you have a two-month delay in the electricity bill and your next pay is not going to be enough to cover those bills and those that will come, but once you start with the loans of cash, it is likely that you sink deeper into debt. Advance lenders hunt between low-income families and people who have had financial problems before and are simply trying to get back to normal.

The New York Times recently wrote an article about the problem that cash advances create when people are not able to repay them on time. In the article they explain that “payday loans are often advertised as a short-term push that maintains the electricity service or allows you to stay in college, but borrowers often end up trapped in a spiral of debt.”

Once you take a payday loan this will introduce you into a cycle in which you will have to apply for a new loan

Each time you receive your salary because you will need to repay the previous loan

Each time you receive your salary because you will need to repay the previous loan

Generally speaking, payday loans have to be fully repaid on your next payday, which means that you will not only have to pay your monthly bills, but now you will have to pay the full amount of the fast loan plus the interest . Most people end up asking for another payday loan to pay the first and that’s how the cycle begins. Here at Loans Canada we want you to break the cycle of quick loans and start repaying your debts by making all payments on bills on time. The best way to do this is to stop asking for payday loans and instead ask for a personal loan (installment loan).

The New York Times article notes that “about 50% of payday loans evolve to a chain of 10 or more


This is because it is not reasonable to think that someone can repay the loan in a single large payment and, therefore, “one could conclude that the business model of the loan industry depends on people getting involved in the loans. in the long term. ” If you take a personal loan with Loans Canada you will be able to get out of the cycle of the payday loans, because we offer installment loans. This means that you will not be required to return your Loans Canada loan in a single large payment and in a short period of time. Most personal loans are long-term – that is, you can have up to a year or more to repay the loan in smaller, more manageable payments. This is the key to getting out of the cycle of payday loans and re-controlling your finances.

Sometimes, our financial situation can get out of control and we need help, the most important thing for you is to look for it in the right place. Payroll advances are not the answer and will only increase your debt and stress. Instead, ask for a personal loan with Loans Canada where you will be able to make installment payments and have the time you need to get your finances back on track.


Payday Loan – in which companies do not verify BIK

Meet selected loan companies in which there is no payday without BIK databases. Moments at which only the debtors’ database is checked.

As everyone knows, payday loans are easily available and it is almost an ideal way to get extra cash in quick repayment. Provided, however, that we do not have debts that would eliminate us from potential customers such as the negative credit history of BIK.

Just a few years ago, every new company that appeared on the payday market verified its clients only through debtors’ databases. In recent years, however, this situation has changed significantly. Most payday companies, in addition to the verification of debtors’ databases, also check the BIK database in this respect. We are talking here databases of the Credit Information Bureau which, as far as memory is concerned, have not been available for a long time only to banks. Banks have so far had the opportunity to conduct electronic verification of customers in BIK databases. Checking if the client has major delays in repayment of loans. Now also a large part of the payday loan companies have the opportunity to view these databases and very often use this privilege when granting loans.

Companies in which payday loan is available without BIK bases

Companies in which payday loan is available without BIK bases

If you look at the current offers of companies providing payday loans, it must be admitted that the vast majority of them provide loans with verification in BIK databases. At this point, a question arises – in which companies do not verify BIK? Contrary to appearances, such companies providing payday without BIK can still be found, all you need to do is look for it. I decided to find one today and I think that they may prove to be especially helpful if you previously had some adventures with no timely repayment of the loan. All the more so because the information about non-repayment of loan installments can be kept in BIK databases even for 5 years from the beginning of the debt.

FreeDaypay – probably one of the most popular offers in recent times, which is advertised by slogan weekly without BIK. The offer is quite attractive because the company allows you to get a loan without checking the BIK in the amount of up to 5000 PLN and it is already under the first loan. The vast majority of people interested in obtaining extra money can take advantage of the offer of a payday, because the payday is given up to 18 years.

MetLoan – one of the companies in which no payday loan is available without BIK databases, which has been lending successfully for several years. As part of the first loan, we can get a loan of up to PLN 2000 for free. The condition to take advantage of the promotion is a full refund of the loan at a previously agreed date, not exceeding 30 days. With subsequent loans, the payday limit can be increased to PLN 5,000. The main requirement for obtaining a loan in the case of MetLoan is 20 years and no debt recorded in the debtors’ databases.

Manyporfel – probably one of the most interesting offers among all payday loans that are offered in our country. The offer should appeal to especially those who for the first time use the company’s offer because as a new customer they can borrow up to PLN 2,500 for free. The first loan for free can be granted even with a 45-day repayment period. The condition for getting a refund in Manyporfel is 21 years and no information about debts in InfoMonitor, KRD and ERIF.

CashFast – another of the companies in which no time bonuses without BIK databases are available as part of the promotion of a PLN 0 loan. The maximum loan limit at Express Checkout is PLN 1,500, and this limit is available to both new and regular customers of the company. The loan repayment period may be 15 or 30 days depending on our needs. The company’s main requirements for potential customers are over 20 years.

Hillarium – if you are looking for a company in which you get the first loan completely for free, I think that the offer of Hillarium may interest you. By submitting an application for the first loan in Hillarium, you will be able to borrow up to PLN 1,000. If you are interested in obtaining further loans through the company, you will be able to get up to PLN 4,000 with them. A Hillarium client may be a person who is over 20 years of age and who does not have a negative credit history at the Infomonitor Economic Information Office.